Reading Fencing clubs is always active with competitions against ourseleves and other clubs in the region.

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Rebecca - Congratulations!

Wed 14 December 2011

Huge 'Well done!' to Rebecca, who was 16th at the recent competition in Klagenfurt; this has assured her of selection for the European Championships, and has bumped her up to 2nd place in the British rankings which means she's in hot contention for selection for the World's. As if that's not enough to be proud of, Rebecca has also been selected to represent Guernsey in the forthcoming Commonwealth Youth Championships.

Return Match vs. RMAS

Wed 14 December 2011

A date has been fixed for our return - away - match vs. the Royal Milirtary Academy Sandhurst. If you are interested in taking part on Wednesday 18th January 2012, then let Phil know at the Club or use the Contact Us form.

Southern development day

Sat 10 December 2011

The southern region (the bit of the country we live in) is running a development day on Sunday the 8th of January in Wycombe. There will be a day of fencing training, referee training course and (optional) exam and a first aid course. Details and forms can be found here. The club will cover the cost of anyone who wants to do the first aid or refereeing courses.

We're in the papers

Sat 10 December 2011

A write up and photos from the match against Sandhurst are in this weeks Reading Chronicle and Fridays Reading Post.


Fri 11 November 2011

RFC hosted the first of what we hope many more matches to come against officer cadets from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), with three mens and one ladies teams fielded by both sides. Our teams consisted of Al B., Gareth Williams, Phil B (Men's A), Ed Hornby, Russ North, Simon Wilkie, Steve Bateman (Men's B), Steve Allison, Nick Marks, Ghyslain Pramayon, Jeff Rosenbaum (Men's C), Verity, Rebecca and Sam... and many others who came to watch and support (thank you!). All teams fenced well and had a good evening, albeit slightly one-sided... Men's A won 45-14, Men's B won 45-17, Men's C won 45-17, and our ladies won 45-28. Many of RMAS' fencers were relatively inexperienced, but they will no doubt be hungry for revenge when they host a return match early next year!

Well done Chris

Fri 15 February 2008

Well done Chris Greensides who won the Slough Open last weekend. Full results here.