Reading Fencing clubs is always active with competitions against ourseleves and other clubs in the region.

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Club Competition

Thu 4 July 2013

The results for the club competition are out. The top 5 are:

  1. Felix Stansfield
  2. Dave Hillier
  3. Anil Darji
  4. Sam Hughes
  5. Calum Maynard

With Sam Hughes winning this month’s prize. The full results can be found here.


Wed 3 July 2013

A reminder that next Wednesday (10 July) we’ll be holding the Club AGM. All those on the current committee have put their names forward for next year, with no new nominations received. The AGM will take place as promptly and quickly as possible, with fencing to resume as soon as the meeting concludes. Please come along we’ve some important things to talk about!


Tue 2 July 2013

Well done to all those on our current beginner course who passed their Grade 1 exam yesterday evening.
Are you new to the sport? Take a look at the courses page to find out how to enroll on our next course starting in September.

Southern Development Day

Thu 27 June 2013

A reminder that Southern Region is running several events on Sunday 7 July, aimed at fencers and parents. These include: training day in epee, foil or sabre; armourer’s course; referee’s course. All events are being held at St. Gabriel’s School, Newbury, and for more details check out the Southern Region website here.

Club Match

Sat 8 June 2013

Well done to all those who took part in the friendly inter-club match held on Thursday Phil B, Steve A, Jeff R, Lucy B, Alain B, Alex P, Ingrid S, Edgar H, Anil D, and Alex S. The match was against Southampton Epee Club and Portsmouth & Southsea Fencing Club, and we won 8 out of our 9 matches with a good time had by all. Photos to follow!

Club Competition

Wed 15 May 2013

The results for the club competition are out. The top 5 are:

  1. Dave Hillier
  2. Felix Stansfield
  3. Anil Darji
  4. Verity Howell 5=. Ashlee Grainger 5=. Calum Maynard

With Steve Allison winning this month’s prize. The full results can be found here.


Mon 13 May 2013

Welcome to all those who took part have enrolled on our beginner course that started earlier this week. We still have a few places left so, if you’re reading this and are interested at having a go, visit the course page section of our website for more details.

Veteran European Results

Sun 12 May 2013

Huge congratulations to Sylvia Brown, who took individual bronze in the Veteran European Championships, held in Terni Italy.


Sat 4 May 2013

Well done to all RFC fencers who competed at the British Youth Championships. Rebecca M. came 5th (U18) Ashley Grainger 41st (U16), Felix Stansfield 31st (U16), Noam Rosenbaum 44th (U14), Nicholas Vousden 41st (U12)

Lavradio Cup

Sun 28 April 2013

Well done to Alain B. who won the Ep?e Club Lavradio Cup, held at the Lansdowne Club.