University of Herts Research Study (Hitting People in the Name of Science!)

22 July 2019

Following on from the notice last week regarding the University of Hertfordshire’s research study, we now have the dates of their visits confirmed.

As a reminder the research study is “examining the effectiveness of a cooling intervention on fencing performance and recovery of body temperature between fights”.

They are looking for participants who are épéeists, aged 18-50; this is a unique opportunity for those eligible, with the added bonus of no additional travel.

The PhD student running the study – Luke Oates – will be attending several of our training sessions, and will be able to test 2-4 people on each evening.

What do you need to do? • 3 testing sessions, with a different cooling intervention each time • Baseline measures taken • Consume a core temperature pill, wear a heartrate monitor and skin temperature themistors. Small blood samples will be taken from fingertip • Cognitive tests (approx. 10-15mins) to assess mental elements of fencing • Warm-up and footwork drills to simulate poule • 3x D.E. fights per sessions with a 15 minute break to apply cooling intervention

As mentioned participants will need to take part in THREE sessions and there are a number of visits planned: • Wednesday 31 July • Monday 5 August • Wednesday 7 August • Wednesday 14 August • Monday 19 August • Wednesday 21 August • Wednesday 28 August • Monday 2 September • Wednesday 11 September • Wednesday 18 September • Wednesday 25 September

These dates have also been added to the website calendar.

Remember, only 2-4 fencers can be tested on any given night – e.g. if 10 sign up for one of the sessions Luke will only be able to test 4 of them.

**To assist with scheduling please contact email HertsUni to contact Luke, who is running the study, to indicate which 3 or more of the above dates you can attend. **

Finally, in return for allowing Herts Uni to run the testing at the Club the researcher - who’s background is as a physiologist and performance analyst - has offered to run any Sports Science-related workshops we might want – e.g. recovery, nutrition, performance analysis, training/fitness etc. If this is of interest then please let us know!!

This is a great opportunity so we hope that those eligible make the most of it