University of Herts Study

6 June 2019

The University of Hertfordshire are looking to recruit fencers for a research study this summer. The main aim of the study is whether cooling interventions between DE fights can improve/maintain fencing performance.

The study would require 3 visits to the university of Hertfordshire’s Human Performance Testing Centre.

They are looking for: Male epee fencers aged between 18-50.

For taking part in the research fencers will receive £20 in Amazon Vouchers upon completing all 3 trials, and the uni will enter everyone into a prize draw to win one of the cooling vests at the end of the study (worth £60).

From taking part the fencers will: - Identify a cooling intervention that can benefit performance during competition. - Gain physiological data about fencing performance in the laboratory. - Take part in a novel research in fencing to enhance our understanding of improving fencing performance.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact one of the PhD students on or 07739465867.

The UH ethics protocol number is aLMS/PGR/UH/03617(1)