RFC teams victorious in home match against Egham & Morley

28 February 2019

RFC hosted teams from Egham and Morley in a return leg match. The RFC fencers were Steven Bateman, Philippe Barbasiewicz & Ashlee Grainger (RFC A), Lewie Jackson, Eda Onay & Leslie MacDonald (RFC B).

The RFC A team made a strong start, winning their first match against Morley B by 45 hits to 27. In their next match against Morley A, they again proved too strong and won 45-31. In their last match of the evening against Egham, the scores were even at 7-all after the first two bouts, but RFC soon built up a commanding lead to win 43-24.

RFC B had a slow start in the first bout of their match against Egham, but came from 4-3 down to have a lead of 25-18 at the halfway point, eventually winning 45-30. RFC B led strongly from the start of their next match against Morley B, winning 45-36. Their match against Morley A was by far the closest match of the whole evening, with the RFC team maintaining a lead of 5 hits for most of the match and finishing as victors by 45 hits to 42.

Well done to all our fencers.