Oxford Match

30 October 2014

We are in the Reading post. Reading Fencing Club hosted a match with Oxford Fencing Club (OFC) on Wednesday 29 October, which ended in an overall draw of 2-all. Two adult teams were fielded by each club. RFC ?A?, made up of David Hillier, Liz Sandford and Phil Barbasiewicz narrowly lost to OFC ?A? by a score of 45-43, whilst the RFC ?B? team ? Chris Greensides, Verity Hillier and Jeff Rosenbaum ? beat OFC ?B? 45-29. RFC?A? then beat OFC ?B? in a ?golden hit? decider, 42-41. RFC ?B? narrowly lost to OFC ?A? 37-36. An U18 pool unique was also run, with a RFC fencer ? Noam Rosenbaum ? winning all his fights, with Messina Karle of OFC coming second. A return match will be arranged for the New Year.