11 November 2011

RFC hosted the first of what we hope many more matches to come against officer cadets from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), with three mens and one ladies teams fielded by both sides.

Our teams consisted of Al B., Gareth Williams, Phil B (Men’s A), Ed Hornby, Russ North, Simon Wilkie, Steve Bateman (Men’s B), Steve Allison, Nick Marks, Ghyslain Pramayon, Jeff Rosenbaum (Men’s C), Verity, Rebecca and Sam… and many others who came to watch and support (thank you!).

All teams fenced well and had a good evening, albeit slightly one-sided… Men’s A won 45-14, Men’s B won 45-17, Men’s C won 45-17, and our ladies won 45-28. Many of RMAS’ fencers were relatively inexperienced, but they will no doubt be hungry for revenge when they host a return match early next year!